Gentile Lilies

  • Mixed bouquet Gerbera + Lilies

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    Send a mixed bouquet of gerberas and lilies to Ukraine Send gerberas and lilies bouquet free to any...

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      Berdyansk_Бердянск|0|114|8|51Boryspil_Борисполь|20|114|11|64Bucha_Буча|25|114|11|62Cherkassy_Черкассы|0|114|25|59Chernovtsy (Chernivtsi)_Черновцы|0|114|27|24Dneprodzerzhinsk_Днепродзержинск|25|114|4|37Dnepropetrovsk_Днепропетровск|0|114|4|1Ilichevsk_Ильичевск|25|114|16|63Ivano-Frankovsk_Ивано-Франковск|0|114|9|39Izmail_Измаил|20|114|16|35Kharkov_Харьков|0|114|22|3Kherson_Херсон|0|114|23|21Khmelnitsky_Хмельницкий|0|114|24|26Kiev_Киев|0|114|10|9Kirovograd_Кировоград|0|114|12|34Kolomiya_Коломыя|20|114|9|58Kremenchug_Кременчуг|0|114|17|32Krivoy Rog_Кривой Рог|0|114|4|36Lviv_Львов|0|114|14|10Marganets_Марганец|20|114|4|52Mariupol_Мариуполь|0|114|5|19Melitopol_Мелитополь|0|114|8|61Nikolaev_Николаев|0|114|15|40Nikopol_Никополь|0|114|4|56Novomoskovsk_Новомосковск|0|114|4|66Odessa_Одесса|0|114|16|12Orlovshina_Орловщина|25|114|4|69Other_Другой|0|114|28|140Podgorodnee_Подгороднее|10|114|1|67Poltava_Полтава|0|114|17|16Pridneprovsk_Приднепровск|0|114|4|68Severodonetsk_Северодонецк|0|114|13|48Sumy_Сумы|20|114|0|17Uzhgorod_Ужгород|25|114|7|60Vinnitsa_Винница|30|114|2|11Zaporozhye_Запорожье|0|114|8|20Zhitomir_Житомир|0|114|6|14
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  • White Lily Bouquet

    Price $45

    How to deliver white lily bouquet to Ukraine? These beautiful white lilies are so classically elega...

  • White Lilies

    Price $48.99

    Number of flowers in bouquet of "Graceful Lilies": White Lily - 7 шт. Greenery. Decor...

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      Berdyansk_Бердянск|0|114|8|51Boryspil_Борисполь|20|114|11|64Bucha_Буча|25|114|11|62Cherkassy_Черкассы|0|114|25|59Chernovtsy (Chernivtsi)_Черновцы|0|114|27|24Dneprodzerzhinsk_Днепродзержинск|25|114|4|37Dnepropetrovsk_Днепропетровск|0|114|4|1Ilichevsk_Ильичевск|25|114|16|63Ivano-Frankovsk_Ивано-Франковск|0|114|9|39Izmail_Измаил|20|114|16|35Kharkov_Харьков|0|114|22|3Kherson_Херсон|0|114|23|21Khmelnitsky_Хмельницкий|0|114|24|26Kiev_Киев|0|114|10|9Kirovograd_Кировоград|0|114|12|34Kolomiya_Коломыя|20|114|9|58Kremenchug_Кременчуг|0|114|17|32Krivoy Rog_Кривой Рог|0|114|4|36Lviv_Львов|0|114|14|10Marganets_Марганец|20|114|4|52Mariupol_Мариуполь|0|114|5|19Melitopol_Мелитополь|0|114|8|61Nikolaev_Николаев|0|114|15|40Nikopol_Никополь|0|114|4|56Novomoskovsk_Новомосковск|0|114|4|66Odessa_Одесса|0|114|16|12Orlovshina_Орловщина|25|114|4|69Podgorodnee_Подгороднее|10|114|1|67Poltava_Полтава|0|114|17|16Pridneprovsk_Приднепровск|0|114|4|68Severodonetsk_Северодонецк|0|114|13|48Sumy_Сумы|20|114|0|17Other_Другой|0|114|28|140Uzhgorod_Ужгород|25|114|7|60Vinnitsa_Винница|30|114|2|11Zaporozhye_Запорожье|0|114|8|20Zhitomir_Житомир|0|114|6|14
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  • Asian Lily bouquet

    Price $49.99

    Unbelievably beautiful Asian lily seems unreal even when you take a closer look. The nobility of sha...

Lily flower: gentile and beautiful

Lilies are one of the most gentile and popular flowers worldwide. Bouquets of Lilies are beautiful and graceful of all summer-blooming flowers. History of Lily started more than 3000 years ago!

Lily in mythology:
Lily was dedicated to the goddess Hera, the wife of Zeus. The legend has it that when Zeus fathered Hercules with the mortal woman Alceme, he wished his son to partake divinity more fully. To attain this, he had the baby brought to Hera after he drugged her to sleep. Then he placed the baby at her breast and Hercules nursed. Hera awoke in horrified surprise and flung the baby from her. Some of her milk gushed across the heavens and formed the milky way. A few drops fell to Earth and from those drops sprang the first lilies.

What are True Lilies?
There are many kinds of flowers, which have been called "Lilies", but many of these so-called Lilies such as the day-lily, water-lily, and arum-lily, actually belong to other groups of flowering plants.
True Lilies are composed of fleshy scales without a protective outer coating. True Lilies are never dormant.
Lilies have been popular as Gift in different forms for a long time. To your near and dear you can gift a bouquet which includes lilies or a special bouquet of lily flowers only.

Looking how to send Lilies to Ukraine, Moldova for a special occasion? Flowers Ukraine recommends delivery bouquet of lilies for such special occasions as Anniversaries, Birthdays, etc.
White lilies symbolize innocence, purity and sweetness. Yellow lilies express gratitude and gaiety.


The average vase life of a stem of fresh cut lilies is 14 - 20 days. Individual blooms generally last 4 - 5 days. For a longer flower life, remove anthers from open flower before yellow pollen stains white petals. Gentily run of pollen stains with cotton. If you get lily pollen on your clothing, use a dry toothbrush, chenille stem or dry towel to brush off. Do not brush off with your hands as this rubs pollen deeper into fabric.

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