Frequently Asked Question

Q: How do I track my order?
A: To track an order, follow these simple steps: Login into your account using your Username and password. Click on your order history and check the status of your order.

Note: If you placed an order using Express checkout (without registration and login), the only way to check your order status is to send a message to customer support.

Q: I'm afraid to use my credit card online. How do I pay in other way?
- If you do not want to make payment online, you can send us your order information and credit card details by fax.
For this purpose send to the fax number +1(810)963-4187 a message with following information:
1. Complete Address, Telephone and Name of an recipient.
2. Date of delivery.
3. Name, price and description of a bouquet (or URL of products' page).
4. Your message to the recipient.
5. Card Type, Card Number and expire date, Name Exactly as it Appears on Card, 3 Digit Code After Card # on Back of Card.
6. Your Full address (Street address, city, state, country, zip), e-mail, contact telephone (fax).

Q: How can I specify the day and time of delivery if I did not find any options in order form before checkout?
- You can specify the day of delivery (as well as delivery time and other suggestions) in the Additional info field during Checkout process.

В: Is it possible to pay cash a courier at moment of delivery?
- No, that is not possible.

В: Is it possible to make the order on telephone?
- No, we do not take the orders on telephone. You may send information about Your order on e-mail, on fax: +1(810)963-4187 (in USA) or make the order on Flowers.com.ua (is recommended).

В: How can I specify the day of delivery if i don't see this options in the form of the order before payment?
- You may specify certain day of delivery (time of delivery and other information) in field "Additional information" on page Checkout (Order). If You have forgotten to do this, send revision on email with information of Your's order number.

В: I'm trying to order the bouquet in certain workday and certain time of this day. Has Chosen the bouquet. Has reached already payment of the order, and has not seen where day and hour of delivery gets out. Where day and hour of delivery of my order is underlined? Thanks.
- Write day and time of delivery in field Additional information.